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Legitimate brothels in Geylang Frog Leg Porridge Geylang Durians Geylang Pubs, KTV and Music Lounge Yong He Eating House Lor 9 Beef Hor Fun

Legitimate brothels in Geylang

Geylang is actually one main road, with small streets called “Lorongs” located on either side. Most of the chicken farms are located on the Even numbered lorongs (from Lor 6 all the way to Lor 20), however, we have seen an increasing number of freelance PRCs (ladies from Mainland China) overcrowding the streets of Geylang, […]

Frog Leg Porridge

 Frog Legs Porridge might seems really exotic to you but if you are in geylang and adventurous enough, you should really try it out. They usually cooked the frog legs in claypot for a better aroma. Quite a generous dose of MSG though. Not for the very health conscious.  Eminent has a promo that gives […]

Geylang Durians

Durian is a local fruit with a heavy smell which you either love or hate. Most foreigners cannot even bear to stand within touching distance before the smell puts them off. Durian is one of Singaporeans’ favourite fruits. You can get a durian for as low as $0.50 but some high quality ones may cost […]

Geylang Pubs, KTV and Music Lounge

Geylang is one of the widely visited tourist attractions in Singapore as this district is regarded as one of the happening districts with an active night life.  The glittering lights of pubs and night clubs attract tourists coming from other parts of the world. Some listing of KTVs and music lounges in Singapore. Do note […]

Yong He Eating House

  Got room for some Dim Sum in your stomach? Try out Yong He Eating House near Geylang Lor 24A. This stall has been around for 20 years before the current wave of new Taiwanese eateries in Singapore Crowd Favourite: Taiwan Mee Sua, Bean Curd(salty or sweet), Yu Tiao(Fried Dough). Omelette “Biskuit” which is a […]

Lor 9 Beef Hor Fun

With thick black sauce and tender beef, this was THE beef hor fun Singaporeans would drive across the island for. However quality has gone down over the years and bad customer service has saw the crowd went down. Nevertheless it is still worth a try if you are hungry and around the area.

Geylang lor 32 handmade noodles

This handmade noodle stall right at the edge of Geylang Lor 32 beside the main Geylang Road does not appear to be outstanding. There is no fanciful decoration or pretty waitresses. In fact, it sits right in the centre of a coffeeshop that only seems to have one stall other than the drinks. Neither is there any […]

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JB ah Meng restaurant, Geylang

  Even though there is an AH MENG restuarant in JB but it is in no way related to this JB ah meng restaurant found in Geylang Singapore. The reason for such a name other than marketing perhaps is because all the chef are from JB, according to the boss. I think the most signature […]

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Smelly tofu in Geylang

Deep fried with a certain crispiness outside and the inside soft and tender. The 臭豆腐 (chow tofu $4) was deep-fried to a light crisp on the outside while it’s moist and soft inside. Served with sweet sauce and chili sauce with slivers of cucumber, the snack wasn’t as smelly as I’d expected. The aroma (or rather […]

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126 搵到食 Wen Dao Shi

搵到食 Wen Dao Shi is a good outlet in Geylang for some yummy late night dimsum. One key aspect of this outlet is the homely and traditional coffeeshop feel. The second one is the wide variety of innovative dim sum ready to excite your taste buds. Their menu hosts an insane selection of bite sized […]

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Illegal sex drugs sold in Geylang

  Illegal drug peddlers can be found in dark alleys between the even numbered lorongs of Geylang. Most of them can also be found selling their wares openly beside Aljunied road. On the side of New cathay Hotel and directly outside UOB Geylang branch. Some drugs were packed in packaging decorated with photos of nude girls giving […]

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Backpacking Hostels in Geylang

Staying in a hostel is not such a bad choice if you are on a very tight budget and just want to look around for a day or two in Singapore. It would also be a way to get to know and interact with like minded tourists. However do not expect too much customer service. […]

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Geylang lorong 20

Recently PRC streetwalkers has found a new place to gather. The PRC working ladies are of a more mature range and in terms of looks are not on par with those at Darlene hotel/Talma Road. Nevertheless they still draw a huge amount of attention and inevitably brought a lot of traffic and customers to the […]

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Sean Kee Boneless Duck Rice/Porridge

This duck stall in a coffeeshop near Geylang Lor 35 is disputedly one of the best in Singapore. The duck meat is served in a messy mix but the braised duck meat, with beancurd, egg, peanuts, beansprout and cucumber is very appetising. The meat is tender and the gravy is rather thick and on the sweet […]

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Geylang Claypot Rice

   The beauty of eating claypot rice lies in the crunchy burnt bits of rice that is stuck to the side of the claypot mixed with the flavour of the salted fish. This Eating House at Geylang still uses charcoal to infuse a nice smoky flavour to the rice. The rice is soft and eaten […]

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Thai Ladyboys in Geylang

The next time you see an unusually attractive and tall woman walking on the streets of Geylang emitting  an air of feminine allure, you could have spotted a ladyboy. Do not be overly alarmed to chat one up and be replied with a coarse manly voice. Singapore’s largest red light district has a road where ladyboys […]

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Freelance Working Ladies in Geylang

Due to police enforcement, freelancers have been taken off the street. You might still spot one or two in the lorongs but 99% have turned to social media and online OKTs for business. Freelance working ladies in Geylang refers to those who are not working in the government approved houses/farms. They are also not regulated […]

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“Clean” massage in Geylang

If you are looking for a good massage to ease the soreness in your body or muscles or feet without the sleaze, you can try out this massage centre by the name of ZuYu Lin (足浴林). They specialized in foot massage as the name goes but they also have therapists who can do good body […]

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